Welcome! I am your sister in success. I believe in you!

Hello! Welcome to "B'Esteemed with Bosede" blog site. This is where I offer tips from my Coaching & Teaching expertise on Leadership and Womanhood edification, for Women to be Empowered to live a Purposeful and Successful lives. Be sure to take advantage of all, this blog site has to offer. Make your comments known, Support Womanhood, Partner / Volunteer in our programs and make Referrals, for the mandate of "Building a Woman Equals Building a Nation" to be fulfilled.


Welcome to my site!

I am Pastor Bosede Adetunji, I have the mandate to speak life into your being, support you in that journey to your greatness, not only to help you achieve what seemingly tiresome or impossible but give you the tools that will help you to maintain your success story.

I was once in that low ebb of struggles of life that makes SUCCESS to be a myth or meant for few selected; until that good news that turned the cloud to brightness and the Miry Clay (I have a book on this, request for your copies) into a solid rock came!

So therefore I know what it is to be down, I know what it is to shuffle between miry of experiences, And God have equipped me to equip, teach and empower you, especially women into becoming who you have been destined to beCOME!

Take a moment to link with me on my social platforms, share my publications, leave comments where needed, and become that second flint I’am looking for to make a transforming fire, to build women, one at a time. God bless

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